Computer Science Experience

Engineer and Team Lead at Palantir Technologies

As an engineer at Palantir, I worked as a full stack engineer doing software development for our clients. Palantir is known for solving hard problems, and that was definitely the case at PG&E, where I worked on software that would mitigate wildfires. On the backend, I used java to integrate and maintain connections to various source DBs and data lakes such as postgres, S3, ABS, and more. I also worked with large scale data pipelines, building spark transforms that processed millions, and in some cases, terabytes of data. On the frontend, I built out TypeScript applications that allowed field pole inspectors to see which electrical poles were in fire-risk areas, and needed to be inspected.

Software Engineer at Axegine Capital Management LLC

As a software engineering intern at Axegine Capital Management, an algorithmic trading venture, I worked in C++ and Python on their market analytics dashboard. A large part of my job was adapting and refactoring legacy source code from their codebase. For the market dashboard, I used Plotly's Dash framework to build front-end data visualization tools. I also created a multithreaded platform for traders to upload and back test different automated trading strategies asynchronously. Finally, I created a login security system using an LDAP protocol for automatically authenticating users based on Axegine's active directory.

Data Science Intern for Hungry Jack's Australia

At Hungry Jack's, I used Python to create a historical weather database, and subsequently developed a Tableau dashboard that blended weather data with Hungry Jack's sales data. Furthermore, I aggregated school and public holiday information and created a presentation that showed sales growth by holiday, store, and product. Next, we used this information for targeted marketing campaigns, as well as variably increasing staff to match historical sales percentage increases.

Head Teaching Assistant at Washington University in St. Louis

At WashU, I worked as a teaching assistant for CSE330 Rapid Prototype Development where I used my technical expertise to aid students with topics such as building a Linux web server in Apache, creating websites using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and creating databases using MySQL. I also taught more complex topics such as .NET architecture, and JavaScript frameworks like React, XML, and Node.JS. As a teaching assistant, I also collaborated with professors and fellow TA's to create an effective and efficient learning environment by holding weekly office hours and grading assignments.

Climate Data Preservation Research Project Member Employee

For this project, our team was tasked with building an advanced web crawler to collect climate and other environmental data from federal government websites to ensure that it remains publicly available for research, advocacy, and citizen enforcement. To achieve this, we built selenium web scraper using Python that archived several thousand government dockets and scientific data centered around disposal of coal combustion residuals from electric utilities. Next, we upgraded and expanded the web crawler’s versatility to work for a variety of government dockets such as standards for greenhouse gas emissions from various sources.